AW: Print runs of Disney comics + Paperinik

Cord Wiljes cord at
Sun Jun 16 15:44:19 CEST 2002

Cord Wiljes:
>> Here in Germany we have two ongoing series of newsstand issues: "Micky
>> Maus", which is published weekly and mainly contains Scandinavian stories,
>> and "Donald Duck Sonderheft"

Frank Bubacz:
> Sure? I thought there was plenty more...

Everything else is either not an issue ("Walt Disney's Lustige Taschenbücher" are
paperbacks), not puplished regularly ("Disney Sonderhefte") or not mainly a comic
("Winnie Puuh", ...)

>> You could say: Micky Maus is for readers,
>> Donald Duck Sonderheft for collectors.

> Well, I have to admit that I also READ the DD Sonderheft...  ;-)

Me too :-)

>> And while the print run of Micky Maus is dwindling away,
>> from 1.5 Million a few years ago to "only" 500.000 today

> Gosh! I didn't know about that... But I heard people complain about the bad
> quality of the stories included.

I don't buy the Micky Maus but whenever I have a look into it the stories
seem to be pretty good. They have a lot of Don Rosa and good European artists.
They even have some pages of Taliaferro (probably to attract collectors). I don't
think it's the material. I believe there are just too many other things today (TV,
Computer Games, Pokemon et al.

>>the German edition of the Barks library is selling extremely well.

>Have 'em all!!!

Me too :-)

>> I also fear that there will be less and less children growing up
>> with Disney comics in the future.

> Of course, they prefer mangas. Disney stuff is too childish for them!

Yes, I believe it's the PR Disney  built up over the years which does no longer
work today. If 5 year olds watch "Dragon Ball Z" on TV, where ultra-powerful warriors
blow each others heads off (sic!) how can they read a Donald Duck comic afterwards?
And even if they would, they would not want to be caught by their friends with this
children's stuff.

Has the new version of Paperinik (Donald as a seperhero) produced in Italy a few years
ago ever been the subject of discussion on this list? They tried (pretty successul IMHO),
to transplant Donald into the video age. Was this a financial success? Is the series
continued? Does anybody on the list know more about this?

> Am I a bit too talkative today? Yes, I am.

Ah, those lazy sundays.


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