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Wed Jun 19 10:23:04 CEST 2002


> I have now added a new section about the story codes
> on Don Rosa's stories to my pages.
> Please tell me if there is any errors here.

My name is Harry Fluks or H. W. Fluks, but not Harry W. Fluks. (Strange as
it may seem, the "H." in H. W. Fluks does not stand for "Harry".)

Stefan reports:

> Some wrong facts

Lots of these facts were simply copied from my pages, which are several
years old. In the days I made them, we didn't know better...
(I need to update these pages.)

> "The Disney codes start with a K (a very few stories in 1991 
> started with
> J)." -- No, but the "K" is often missing from the printed codes.

Most "Disney Adventures" stories from the 1990s have a code starting with
"J". We Inducksers add a "K", to make the codes a bit more uniform (and to
avoid confusion with the Italian I-codes, where the I often looks like a J).

> "JD 093-1". I don't know what "-1" means

-1 means "From the fiscal year 1991". This is really superfluous

> "Disney Comics also was the first (?) to give the covers a code." --
> Gutenberghus already did this decades before.

That should have been: Disney Comics also was the first (?) to PRINT a code
on the covers.

> > And by the way, do I.N.D.U.C.K.S. still have page
> > describing all story codes on Disney stories?
> Yes:

New address:

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