Barks' Little Joke (Kriton Kyrimis)

Norbert Stippler Norbert.Stippler at
Thu Jun 27 12:21:35 CEST 2002

> > Also: No One thinks that that old ramshackle shack on Dreary Street (Angina
> > Arthritis' House) is a memorable and important landmark in Duckburg????
> Not really. That building was demolished in an explosion of McDuck
> flour. The gingerbread house that was left standing in its place would
> not have lasted long, and, if we believe Barks, it was *eaten* right away,
> giving Scrooge an indigestion.

Kriton, you mix up stories.

The gingerbread house belongs to Miss Pennywise.

Angina Arthritis occurs in the story where Donald and HDL work as telegram-messengers.


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