Billionaire's Club

Gerd Syllwasschy gerd.syllwasschy at
Wed Sep 4 21:56:45 CEST 2002

> As far as I know the Billionaire's Club had its debut in 'The Christmas
> Cha' (1960), a story drawn but not written by Barks.

> In WDC&S # 269, "A Matter of Factory" (Feb '63), Album 46), Uncle Scrooge
is ashamed that Donald
> hasn't accomplished anything, whereas his fellow members of the
"Billionaires Club" (p 1 pnael 1)
> keep bragging about their own nephews; he thus appoints Donald manager of
a run-down motel.

The only other reference I can think of is the billionaires picnic in DD 60
"The Titanic Ants". No explicit mention of a club there, if I'm not
mistaken, but they seem to be an association with regular meetings.

Other elitist circles include the Archeologists' Club from US 44 "Crown of
the Mayas" and the Top Brass Club from WDC 264 "Master Wrecker".


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