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Fri Apr 2 23:47:01 CEST 2004

   I'm going to have to second Daniel van Eijmeren's comments. This is  
the comic business, and as a creator you do whatever it takes to create  
an appealing comic book. Rosa has full rights to create his own  
"universe". In fact people even create universes within universes, just  
look at Marvel comics.

   Not too long ago they "killed off" a handful of their flagship  
characters (Captain America, the Avenger, Fantastic Four), and created  
a new line of "Heroes Reborn" titles featuring those characters within  
their own mini "universe". Then  twelve issues later, Marvel destroyed  
that universe, with those flagship characters transplanted back into  
the main Marvel universe with the explanation that they were  
transported into that mini universe when they were suppositively  
"killed". Then to top that off, Marvel created a universe of a universe  
mixing both Image and Marvel characters. And I think that they squashed  
that too, I don't know. For you more rabid fans, basically universe  
creation is nothing new, and should not be a cause for anger.

   Should we be upset at Walt Disney Italy because their Paperinik  
title(s) take place in a more futuristic Duckburg? Of course not! Hell,  
I just started catching up with Disney Comics here in the US and read a  
story involving Scrooge trying start a new online company. This should  
be contrary to the Barks/Rosa timeline. Scrooge should either be over  
100 years old in an assisted living program or dead. In the case of  
most readers, including myself, Disney characters are viewed as  
timeless entities that can exists in any decade without a change in  
age. But in the case of Lo$, I think it's kind of neat Rosa create a  
series with such and extensive historical background. The amount of  
research Rosa has put in defiantly made it all the more better. (And  
keeps all of us talking about it years after it's publish.) Now does  
that mean that other creators should be held to base their duck stories  
on Lo$, of course not.

   As far as Don Rosa's temperament is concern, I realize he may come  
off as a pre-madonna to many fans, weather though his many interviews  
or his own personal editorials. I don't know him personally, but even  
if he was, he wouldn't be the first in the comic business. A great  
number of creators are extremely passionate about their work, and put  
their heart and soul into what they do. So in his defense, I don't  
blame Rosa for being angry or upset when ever a publisher makes a  
mistake in any of his stories. Because of my background and years spent  
in graphic design/pre-press work, it doesn't surprise me when someone  
screws up a translation or if Rosa or anyone else's color instructions  
would get lost in the shuffle and the colorist uses a completely  
different color.

   Speaking of color, has anyone seen Gyro Gearloose as a blonde? I  

   Anywho, the bottom line is we should take what we read with a grain  
of salt. No one should begrudge Don Rosa or any other creator because  
their view of the "duck-universe" differs or is contrary to our own.  
Now does that mean we shouldn't have spirited debate on this list, of  
course not. I think it's good thing and make the list more interesting. 
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