Donald's uncle Ludwig (was Rosa's own li'l Universe)

Matthew Williams kingofduckburg at
Sun Apr 4 03:41:23 CEST 2004

Ludwig is Donald's uncle; this is well documented.  And Lars, I would say
that you're almost certainly right that Ludwig's creators had little
knowledge or interest in Scrooge.  Still, I don't like the idea of Hortense
and Ludwig marrying, even though it follows some degree of logic.  Although
this marriage works on a family tree, acknowledging the marriage forces me
to take two huge leaps:

1. Ludwig is a married duck.
2. Ludwig is romantically involved with Hortense.

I love Ludwig, and I love Hortense, but don't you think their life together
would be miserable?  I certainly wouldn't wish it on Hortense.  Hortense
would certainly get the short end of the stick in that relationship.  Ludwig
is a raging egomaniac and is so absent-minded.  Poor Hortense would never
receive a decent anniversary gift.  And what about when Ludwig moved in his
little Bootle Beetle friend Herman?


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