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Mon Apr 5 02:09:40 CEST 2004

Subject: Yet More Universe Talk/Reply to Don Rosa
> My face is also red concerning my too hasty posting concerning Arthur, 
> Sherlock Holmes, and the others! This morning, I had a flashback of picking 
> up a copy of THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING in high school and seeing that a whole 
> wall of the book store practically was devoted to continuations of Arthurian 
> legend. I still have some point despite my too hasty posting, though! What 
> dissatisfies me about thinking of all of these characters as analogous to 
> the ducks is that (outside of the original tales) there is no longer one 
> official version. There ARE truly as many Sherlock Holmes as there are 
> writers who have attempted to capture his struggles. Frankly, I'm a 
> modernist living in a postmodern world, and I don't want there to be an 
> endless stream of parallel duck universes! But the world is changing, and I 
> 'll try to keep up the best that I can. 

When it comes to characters from folklore and legend like King Arthur
and Robin Hood, there NEVER was any original, official version...

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