Cable cars

Kai Saarto ksaarto at
Mon Apr 5 16:22:42 CEST 2004

Nat Chrenshaw wrote:

> Don Rosa:
> < if anyone can find me useful pics of pre-1960
> < Sugar
> < Loaf cablecar stations, I'll do them a color drawing of whatever Duck
> < they
> < choose.
> Well... =)
> Have you checked this website: 
> in the end of the page you can see a small photo of what I think is a 
> station...
> Or is it a station?

If you mean the one taken in 1912, then Don has. Don's agents in Brazil
and at least myself have been roaming around the internet for weeks in
search of this. It seems that its not something that can be found
directly via Google. I wonder if there is a movie that takes place
during late 1950's that would feature the said stations? I've done some
searching on this idea as well, but so far no banana.  There's a
documentary film called Rio de Janeiro: City of Splendour (1936) that
might show it, but where could one find it???


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