Lost in Davy Jones's Locker / nephews and judo / the Earth's iron

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Wed Apr 7 22:16:49 CEST 2004

SONIA DYER, 07-04-2004:

>> "Let me out of here! I've got to get to my editor with a hot 
>> NEWS SCOOP!" (Which Barks story?)

> Is that from the story in which Donald gets a job as a newspaper
> reporter, and decides to publish a "scoop" blabbing Scrooge's plans 
> to move his money? 

Hm. I'm not sure what I should do here... :-)

Scrooge doesn't really plan to move his money, unless you consider his 
Old Number One dime. Well, yes, 10 cents should be enough, I think. :-)

It's 'Lost Beneath the Sea' (US 46). Another story in which the nephews 
refer to judo, as in 'Hall Of The Mermaid Queen' (US 68).

Scrooge wants newspaper reporter Donald to simmer down, because he 
(Scrooge) tries to keep a trip out of the news for business reasons. 
His family has to help him guard the Old Number One dime.

During the adventure they are taken to "Davy Jones's Locker", (What 
is that?), and they meet four-armed Martians who want to salvage more 
than a MILLION tons of iron converted into light rays by a de-atomizer 
for some "silly reason". (Quote!)

As a detail, we learn that the Ducks speak Earth language number 623 X 
with a slight 737 K Accent. :-)

I've become very fond of this space story. I think it's very nicely 
drawn. Very visually. There are some great textual jokes. Here is one 
of my favourite Barks scenes:

- four-armed chief of the ship-yard: "If you didn't come to the bottom 
  of the sea to SPY on our operations, why did you come?"
- Scrooge: "Believe it or not, I came looking for a DIME!"
- four-armed chief of the ship-yard, amused, heavily shaking both 
  Scrooge's hands and feet, saying: "A DIME? SHAKE! You win the 
  Iron Oscar for the most OUTRAGEOUS alibi ever offered by a foreign 

What I find funny is that the story doesn't seem to answer what will 
happen with the *Earth* after that iron conversion. In the end, the 
Martians and the Ducks remember each other that they've promised to 
tell "no other Earth people" about it!!! Huh? (Hey! Where are the 
Junior Woodchucks?)

Maybe there should be a sequel to put some things straight here. :-)

BTW. Another space story about the Earth's iron is Barks's butchered 
'Mythtic Mystery' (US 34) story. (Oh! What did they do?!?)

--- Daniël

"Take your bulb horns and go back to Bulgaria!"
(Which Barks story?)

free hint #1: "The Love Song Of A Bulgarian Tree Toad!" :-D

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