"Dime and Dime Again" is not called "From Dime to Dime"

ramapith@mail.dk ramapith at mail.dk
Sat Apr 10 23:41:09 CEST 2004

Hey, everyone...

As an Egmont employee, allow me to make it known that "Dime and Dime Again" is, and always has been, the real Egmont title for the story D/D 2001-004.
"From Dime to Dime" is entirely an Inducks error (probably originating when someone tried to repeat the story's punny title from memory), and we need to fix it there. The story has never really been called by that name.

I notice that some non-Inducks websites have also called the story "From Dime to Dime". If anyone reading this letter manages one of those sites, the title should be fixed there too.
I think it's important to correct this for the historical record.


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