Lo$ 12 inspired by Barks?

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Sun Apr 11 22:44:42 CEST 2004

OLAF SOLSTRAND to me, 10-04-2004:

>> Most of [Barks's 1991 dime] synopsis has been converted into a story 
>> titled ['Dime and Dime Again']  (D D 2001-004). Written by Geoffrey 
>> Blum, drawn by Carlos Mota. Published in Gemstone's 'Uncle $crooge 321' 
>> and 'Uncle $crooge 322'.

> Additional information:
> Most of this synopsis has also, years before "Dime and Dime Again", 
> been converted into ANOTHER story titled 'The Recluse of McDuck Manor', 
> retitled 'The Richest Duck in the World' (D 93488). Written by Don 
> Rosa, drawn by Don Rosa. Published in Gladstone's 'Uncle $scrooge 296'.

Has it? I've checked the 'Uncle $crooge Adventures 1902 to 1947' album
(1996), and there I couldn't find any information about a connection 
between Rosa's story and Barks's 1991 dime synopsis letter.

In the accompanying article, Rosa says, in part: 
"There are few Barksian references in this last chapter." [Lo$ 12] [...]

And, further on, Rosa continues:
"I also wanted to clarify a part of the Scrooge "legend" that I think has 
gone astray in the last 30 years - this idea of his Number One Dime being 
a "Lucky Dime." That notion goes against the most fundamental truth behind 
the McDuck greatness - he owes not a penny of his wealth to luck. Every 
cent has been earned by hard work and savvy."

According to 'Uncle $crooge Adventures #42' album (1998), the date of 
Barks's letter to Rosa is "April 22, more or less". In that album, Blum's 
article 'Raiders of the Lost Barks - Letters to Don Rosa from Carl Barks' 
hints at a possible connection between Barks's letter and Rosa's story.

Comparing Barks's 1991 synopsis and Lo$ 12 'The Richest Duck in the World', 
I see some similarities between the two. But not knowing the making of 'The 
Richest Duck in the World', that's all I can say about it.

There are also differences, though. Barks's vision on Old Number One, as in 
the synopsis, builds a bridge between the two dime concepts. Rosa's story 
debunks one of them, chosing for one concept instead. 

This is all that I could find out. At least at the moment.

More information on Barks's synopsis:
(DCML, 21 June 2003)

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