SV: Barks horror stories / Mad dentists

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Tue Apr 13 16:49:25 CEST 2004

MARTIN THORESEN to me, 13-04-2004:

> anything with that much blood and gore becomes simply disgusting 
> or ridiculous, and that loses the "scary" atmosphere for me.

There's a nice example (parody?) of such splattering in a Monty Python 
scene. About "Salad Days" or something like that. Very, very funny! One 
of the few times I didn't faint. :-)

>> Other examples of Barks horror stories would be 'the Terror of the
>> River!!' (OS 108), and 'The Firebug' (OS 108). Right?

> I can't place these stories at the moment. Care to give me a short 
> resymèe?

In 'the Terror of the River!!', there's a monster living in a river.

'The Firebug' is about firebugs who are putting Duckburg afire. (As 
written and drawn by Barks, this story happended for real. No dream 

>> And to make it on-topic: Has there ever been a Disney story with such
>> a mad dentist theme?

> I seem to recall a Mickey-story involving a mad dentist, with Goofy
> being on the receiving end, but I'm not sure.

Sounds very funny! Is this a Gottfredson story?

Are there other mad dentist Disney stories?

--- Daniël

"This is quite a mystery! Let's sit down with some pop and sandwiches 
and figure it out!"

(Which Barks story?) :-)

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