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I was in Germany last Friday, and one thing I found there was a giant pocket book "Micky Maus 75 Jahre Superstar" (MMJB 2). This is really a great book! It has the very best Mickey stories, including Gottfredson's Medioka and Scarpa's Delta Dimension.
I wish the Dutch had a market for a book like this...

There's also an interesting article by Byron Erickson and David Gerstein. Unfortunately, the pages of this article were bound (actually glued) the wrong way in my copy...

Interesting detail: in the index they list Jippes' story with code "H70mm01". I made up that code a decade ago, mainly for my own use. I never dreamt that it would actually be printed in a comic book! 8-)

I was negatively surprised by some of the translations. For instance in that Jippes story (which I know by head, almost).
In the penultimate panel, the officer, pointing to his police badge, originally says: "And you think I got this badge with the chewing gum?". The translation reads "Save your excuses for the judge! You are arrested!"

And in the final panel, Mickey originally says to the crow: "Well, I can't blame you. After all, *I* put *you* behind bars first."
Translated German: "Yes, you can do something for me! Fly away and steal me a file!"

Good thing that the credit page doesn't list a translator...


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