July 2004 US Disney Comic Previews

Jonathan H. Gray jongraywb at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 25 02:31:12 CEST 2004

> >
> > Donald Duck Adventures #6: Three long Disney adventure
> > stories: Donald Duck
> > and Cousin Fethry in "Sasabunsam," the fourth "TNT" story,
> > which follows our
> > heroes as they track down supernatural miscreants.
>I've been enjoying the TNT stories.  They're rather different
>from the duck stories I usually like, but something about them
>amuses me.  Maybe it's the sly jabs at Men in Black.

I have to agree that they certainly are more different from the normal 
stuff. Heh. Almost reminds me of what you'd imagine Donald doing if this 
were an old school Disney Afternoon show. Though I have to admit I'm still 
not too keen on Fleming Anderson's stuff. (though I will say I liked the art 
for the second story above the first)

> > Uncle Scrooge #332: A new cover and lead story by Don Rosa
> > chronicles events
> > in the life of young Scrooge- and young Teddy Roosevelt! - in
> > "The Sharpie of
> > Culebra Cut!"
>Yay!  New Rosa!  :D
>But was I hallucinating something about "Dream of a Lifetime"
>appearing in the April issue?  I swear I read that somewhere...
>Anyone know when it WILL be out in America?

Ditoo - thats the one I want to read as well.

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