Vicar's name

Stefan Diös pyas at
Mon Aug 2 10:47:41 CEST 2004

Hello, all.

I need help from someone who knows Vicar, or who knows the spelling of 
Spanish (South American) names, or anybody else who might know.

We know that Vicar's full name is Victor Arriagada Rios. But I am not quite 
sure whether the last name correctly should be written with an accent 
(Ríos) or without (Rios). The accent seems to be normal for that name, I 
believe, but might there be variations? I often see his name spelled 
without it, even in contexts when accents are intact in other Spanish names.

This make seem like a trivial detail, but as Egmont is preparing a book in 
Vicar's honor, why not try to make even the trivial details correct? If 
anyone knows the answer, please answer to this list as I will not be able 
to read my private e-mail for a while after the next few days.

Stefan Dios
Malmo, Sweden

(or, with the trivial details fully correct: Stefan Diös, Malmö, Sweden)

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