Junior Woodchuks questions

Armando Botto armando.botto at libero.it
Sun Aug 8 18:53:30 CEST 2004

Vidar: as far as the JW stories are concerned, my answers are based on the
JW Barks scripts, as published in Set 6 of the CBL.

> JW 8-01 Let Sleeping Bones Lie p. What is the name of the prehistoric
animal and what is the name of the plant Pluto uses to poison Scrooge?

The animal is "Colossosaurus Duckburgus Woodchucki", the plant "Pie-eyedus
Wierdus Nightmarus".

> JW 8-03 Bad day for troop "A" p. 1, panel 3 and 4: text

panel 3: "Troop 'A' wins the litter-bearing contest!" "Again Troop 'A'
skunks Troop 'K'!"
panel 4: "Someday, sometime, Troop 'K' is going to win some of those
medals!" "And Troop 'A' is going to get clobbered!"
(maybe Barks' script was slightly modified in JW 8: the Italian version of
the story - which I suppose to be faithful to Tony Strobl's - has only *one*
text balloon in panel 4)

> p. 2, panel 2 abbreviation (and explanation)

R.I.N.G.T.A.I.L.E.D. S.N.O.R.T.E.R. (Radiant, Illustrious, Notable,
Glittering, Topflight Analytical Instructor in Logistical Engineering
Dynamics and Sharpeyed, Nitpicking, Overseer, Recorder, Tabulator, and
Excuse Rejecter)

> JW 10-02        Bottled Battlers        p. 7, panel 7:text

"I'll wave distress signals! Maybe the great D.E.M.I.J.O.H.N. will see us!"
"No chance! He and the other Woodchucks are far up the road!"

> JW 11   Traitor in the Ranks:   p 3, panel 6: abbreviation (and

B.R.A.S.S. G.A.S.S.E.R. (Brain Rattling Assigner of Stupendous Sweatouts and
Giver of Awesome Scathing Scoldings and Expurgatory Roustings)

> JW 12-02        Storm Dancers   p. 3, panel 3: abbreviation (and

J.O.Y. K.I.L.L.E.R. (Jaw-breaking Order Yeller and Know-it-all Intoner of
Leather-lunged Lecturing, Excoriating and Rank-rattling)

> rain dances pp. 4 and 5

p. 4, panel 3: "a Sioux stomp that once raised the Mississippi twelve feet"
p. 4, panel 5: dance number seven: "a Blackfeet boogie that makes an inch of
rain for ten minutes of dancing"
p. 5, panel 6: dance number eleven: "the Commanche mountain mover"

> JW 13-01        The Day the Mountain Shook      p. 7, panel 4 and last
page, panel 4

p. 7, panel 4: "Louie, you never predicted this!" "A giant whirling mountain
grinder!" "I need to enlarge my predicter!"
last page, panel 4: "So the four beanheads get all of their titles back, and
buckets of medals besides!" "Generals Huey, Dewey and Louie, before our next
hike up Mount Greenglory, I will cook the pancakes!"

> p. 1, panel : abbreviation (and explanation)

B.E.L.L.E.R.I.N.G. B.U.L.L.N.E.C.K. (Bellicose Expecter of Limitless
Lionization, Esteem, Reverence, and Indefatigable Never-dying Gung-ho, as
well as Bedeviller of Unskillful, Lunkheaded Lallygaggers, and Nemesis of
Extemporizing Campground Know-nothings)

> JW 15-01        Waiting Whalers p. 1, panel 1 : abbreviation (and

T.U.B.B.A. B.L.U.B.B.E.R. (Towering, Unperturbable Bellwether of
Brobdingnagian Adventures, and Belchfiring Larruper of Unsavory Beachrats,
Buccaneers, and Ecology Ravagers)

> JW 22-01        Highwire heroes         p. 1, panel 1 : abbreviation (and

S.M.O.G. D.O.G. (Snifferocious Measurer, Observer, and Gatherer of
Deleterious Oxygen Gunkups)

> WDC 148 X-mas Dinner Swindle p.1, panel 5: text

"Have you loafers forgotten that you're having Christmas dinner with the
Junior Woodchucks?"

> WDC 158 Bee Bumbles             p 6, panel 5 abbreviation (and

F.F.E.J.W.W. (Future Farm Experts of the Junior Woodchucks of the World)

> WDC 221         Tracking Sandy,         p9, panel 3, abbreviation (and

O.O.O.T.Q.F.U.E. (Omnipotent Overseer Of The Quest For Unsurpassable

> WDC 228 The Watchful Parent     p. 4, panel 6: text

"Lucky we studied water rescues at Junior Woodchucks annual camp!"

> WDC 253 Hound Hounder   p. 5 (6?), panel 4: the name of the smell

It's page 6, and the perfume is "Come-hither essence of Burgerbalm".

> p. 8 (9?), panel 6: What is Donald playing?

Page 9: "the wooing call of the Cameroonian cuddle hound".

> WDC 282         Bubble Weight Champ p 1, panel 1 and 2: text

I'll save myself some typing by sending you a scan of the page in question

> US 22           The Golden River                p3, panel 2: text

"This is just a little donation the kids are asking for! A paltry few
dollars for their playground!"
"Playground? A place where they can have fun?"

> US 37           Cave of Ali Baba                p. 3, panel 5: text

"And so they could, Huey! Our Junior Woodchucks' Guide Book says nobody
knows when the earliest Arabian Nights tales began - or if they were about
real people!" "Even so, remember, boys... the less you believe about Persia
the fewer rude awakenings you'll have!"

> US 49           The Loony Lunar Gold Rush       p. 1, panel 1: text

Sorry, can't help you here...

> US 61           So Far and No Safari            p4, panel 4: text

"Unca Scrooge, we haven't time!" "We're in training for the Junior
Woodchucks animal-taming tests next week!"

> CID 1-02        Tabu Yama               p12, panel 4: text

"I've been reading about steam! About how James Watt bounced the lid on his
mother's teakettle by plugging the spout!"

> Does Scrooge run for Mayor in "Election Campaign" (US 8)

Nope, he runs for City Treasurer.

> Could somebody supply me with a scan of the last page of Hound Hounder"
(WDC 253)

Sure, I'll send it to you tomorrow in a private message (together with the
WDC 282 page).


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