A new CBL and maybe a FGL

Mads Jensen mje at inducks.org
Tue Aug 10 20:20:49 CEST 2004


 > We would all like to see a new CBL but how about a prequel FGL (Floyd
> Gottfredson Library). Floyd Gottfredson was surely the definitive Disney 
> comic artist and storyteller with his work beginning in 1930 on the 
> Mickey Mouse newspaper strips. David Gerstein said regarding Floyd 
> Gottfredson: "Carl Barks looked up to his masterful work". Gladstone 
> made a start in 1988 with their "Mickey Mouse in Color" book which gave 
> a small selection of his stories. It would be great if Gemstone or 
> Egmont or anybody else, even the Smithsonian could support publication 
> which would also be several volumes.

Gladstone/Another Rainbow *did* consider making a Gottfredson Library 
(stated in one of the CBL volumes!), but the economics perspective held 
them back from doing so. Plus, I suspect that the library would be 
rather damaged by the fact, that some strips can never be published in 
anything else than underground publications! That MMIC oddly enough 
didn't reprint "Island in the Sky", which Floyd Gottfredson said was one 
of three stories, he liked the best. The other two, "Blaggard Castle" 
and "Phantom Blot" are included. Would love to read this story!

Regarding a new CBL, then the original B/W library is occassionally put 
up for auction on eBay as a complete set (all 10 sets, with slipases), 
which you'd be able to get for about $1400-$1500, which seems fair, 
considering how much other books AR put out, have rised in value!

Kind regards,

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