Story codes

Gary Leach bangfish at
Mon Aug 16 18:20:08 CEST 2004


> Gary Leach said a few digest ago that they use INDUCKS to help identify
> the list of codes given by Egmont.

However, INDUCKS is not our primary code source.

> How did the other publishers select their stories *before* INDUCKS was
> used or if they didnt use INDUCKS? Did they blindly select the codes? 
> Or
> was there ample information accompanying each code, like story title,
> story artist?

Egmont at one time supply photocopied galleys to publishers - as they 
did for Gladstone - that provided full contents, including b&w art with 
complete dialogue, titles, and story codes, of upcoming publications. 
While some publishers may still be getting galleys, Egmont has set up 
an online service to provide most publishers with the same information.


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