Rosa in picsou

Mads Jensen mje at
Mon Aug 16 19:07:34 CEST 2004


> A friend of mine was in France this summer and bought me a Picsou-mag. 
> And when I discovered the beautiful Don Rosa-drawing on page 2, I wish I 
> lived in France! For how many years has this 
> "Don-Rosa-drawing-on-page-two"-thing been going on? I assume the 
> drawings in the DR-calendar (2003) in scandinavia appeard in the 
> Picsou-mag first?
> Is there a Frenchman or Belgian (or someone else!) who has scanned the 
> drawings and putted them on the internet?

Although, I prefer printed sources, and know that these drawings will be 
collected in calendars for 2005 and hopefully also 2006 and future 
years, as the calendars seem to very popular.

Well, you can find scans of the drawings here:

This seems to have them all, but I'm not sure about this, however!

Kind regards,

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