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Thu Aug 19 04:51:20 CEST 2004

Don Rosa said:
>I do believe that high on my list of ideas for the next story is a Lo$ set
>in 1898, and you know what that means.

       I know that Don Rosa is only thinking about it, but this is the 
ultimate Yukon story that I have been waiting for him to do ever since he mentioned 
its possibility two years ago. I cannot wait! Unfortunately, I'm going to have 
to wait since it will take awhile for the story to be published in America. 
However, if he does get started on it soon, then maybe Gemstone can incorporate 
this ultra-special series addition in their upcoming "Life of Scrooge" 
collection, whenever that comes out (probably late next year, I imagine). Mr. Rosa, 
I wish you all the luck with this one!!!!!


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