single creator special spark

François Willot fwi at
Sat Aug 21 18:20:41 CEST 2004

Le samedi 21 Août 2004 17:41, Cord Wiljes a écrit :
> Don Rosa wrote:
> Herge's Tintin has been redrawn and re-redrawn by a team of artists with
> Herge just supervising. So in fact Tintin *is* a team effort. And Li'l
> Abner has been ghosted by other artists for years, most famous by Frank
> Frazetta.

I think there is a special spark also with authors working closely together. 
Asterix is one example. Another example is the comics I made with a friend of 
mine. We did 80 pages of them up to now, both makng art and story. The 
collaboration is so close that we drew certain pages both at the same time, 
and these comics were superior than anyhting we would have done alone.

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