The fall of the French weekly / Soccer

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Fri Aug 27 17:42:48 CEST 2004

Rich & Chris:

Thanks for your input on soccer in the US! I didn't know it was that

LeRichard (?):

>>>> I think the comics that are in the French weekly aren't that bad.
>>>>  The non-Disney ones like l'eleve Ducobu and Kid Paddle, and also the
>>>> and tall monster short stories that you find in Picsou are funny.

"Ducobu" is good indeed; there's a robot strip that is good too, and another
on teachers. But there have been some pretty horrid things.

>>>> >The real main event the issue celebrated was the soccer
>>>> >championship! The Donald story featured Donald playing soccer.
>>>> >I did not buy that thing. It was an utter disgrace to years and years
>>>> >Disney comics.

>> I'm not sure what you mean, but I really don't think soccer is the
>> It's a good subject that Scarpa and Luis Destuet in Argentina used and
they did
>> good stories with it.

I have not read it because I didn't buy the issue when I saw the content.
Good as the story may have been, I think it was not the right choice for
Donald's anniversary. Instead of  celebrating the creation of  a major
Disney character, they chose to focus on soccer. Picsou Magazine did make a
good job on that occasion, but surely LJdM could have found something to do.
I understand it is not that easy to come up with a special issue every 5 or
10 years, but the Disney archives holds enough material for plenty of
special issues-- stories, pictures, pin-up art, ...


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