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Mon Dec 13 10:02:58 CET 2004

Fabio wrote:

>>You think Scrooge would be a francmason? I can't imagine any image of 
him in
the Temple with his brothers of the Lodge. But anyway, I just have that
crazy idea... what you think about?

That remains me the last Disney's production "National Treasure", which I 
watched few days ago on theatres. I couldn't help remaining several Rosa's 
histories (The Guardians of the Lost Library, The Crown of the Crusader 
Kings, The Lost Charts Of Columbus): I think the resembling is 
EXTRAORDINARY, tough Don is not explicitly credited as "plotter" (nor in 
the IMDB). Any opinions? (Please excuse me if the subject has been raised 

About Scrooge being a francmason: Maybe... but just if he can get some 
money from it ;-)

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