National Treasure and Don Rosa

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>That remains me the last Disney's production "National Treasure", which I watched few days ago on theatres. I couldn't help >remaining several Rosa's histories (The Guardians of the Lost Library, The Crown of the Crusader Kings, The Lost Charts Of >Columbus): I think the resembling is EXTRAORDINARY, tough Don is not explicitly credited as "plotter" (nor in the IMDB). Any >opinions? (Please excuse me if the subject has been raised before). 

Well, the movie came from Walt Disney pictures. In the case of plagiarism is hard difficult Don would make something (I mean... is America ). Remind me of that movie "inspired" in the Grant Morrison's comics The Invisibles... How sued a movie from Warner Bros. if Warner is too the owner of DC Comics, the publisher of The Invisibles? No way. 

>About Scrooge being a francmason: Maybe... but just if he can get some money from it ;-) 
yeah, I think the same thing... 


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