They are ALIVE!!!!!!!! :-O

KUR ggk at
Thu Dec 23 16:24:18 CET 2004

Fernando :


>(I just drew them... ():-))

A cool Picture man! And a Funny one as well...

thad at  :

>I don't buy the Daisy's brother being the nephews father thing...  As for
>them calling her "Aunt Daisy", I still go by the theory that Barks was
>using the tradition of little children calling close friends of the family
>"Uncle" or "Aunt/Auntie", which is probably true.

It's normal. I still have some friend's of my Mum I call "Aunt's" even they 
aren't conected with me by anny rud's.

One more seson (if you want to cnow my teory) why it's rith theat Daisy's 
Brother is neph dad is the fack she alwey's spend Christmas and some other 
hooliday with Donald and his family.
I mean if she's not a part of the family why she rather spend hooliday's 
with Donald and his Family insted here Family?
Of course here whole family coud be death (like poor Ludwig) and she don't 
have no body else to turn for Christmas...

>I've also heard rumors that one of the Egmont editors
>enforced this no Ludwig policy because he was terrified of him as a kid!

Forgive me, but I relly don't get this one.

Maciek Kur

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