They are ALIVE!!!!!!!! :-O

Lars Jensen lpj at
Thu Dec 23 21:41:16 CET 2004

Maciek Kur wrote:

> One more seson (if you want to cnow my teory) why it's rith theat
> Daisy's Brother is neph dad is the fack she alwey's spend Christmas
> and some other hooliday with Donald and his family.
> I mean if she's not a part of the family why she rather spend
> hooliday's with Donald and his Family insted here Family?

Because she's Donald's girlfriend and wants to meet his family? (And has
been Don's girlfriend for so long that HDL call her Aunt Daisy.)

> Of course here whole family coud be death (like poor Ludwig) and she
> don't have no body else to turn for Christmas...

Jeez. What a depressing thought...     :-)


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