Matilda *is* Don's creation

M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Sun Feb 1 11:44:42 CET 2004

Anders Christian Sivebæk:

> Others will probably point this out, but just for the
> record, Matilda is not Don's creation.
> Her looks is, I think, as Barks has never drawn her or
> used her in a story, but he has used her
> on the two family trees he made.

Well, since Carl Barks only provided her name, and Don 
designed her looks and provided her with a character, I'd 
say Matilda actually *is* Don's creation. 
Would you say that James Bond was *not* Ian Fleming's 
creation, only because he borrowed the name from an 
ornithologist friend of his? 

Don Rosa:

> I made up absolutely NO characters in that Tree except
> those necessitated by already existing characters so that
> there's be no out-of-wedlock shenanigans. 
> Making up characters for no reason would have violated my > entire purpose.

To illustrate Don's statement: 
of all 43 characters in Don's tree
15 have been portrayed and named in Barks' stories
8 were only named in Barks' stories
6 have names taken from Barks' tree
3 have names taken from other sources 
and only 10 characters were entirely made up by Don Rosa.

These 10 characters are: Cuthbert's parents and 
[to link Cuthbert to Cornelius Coot], $crooge's parents 
and grandparents, Whitewater's mother [to link Whitewater 
to Eider Duck] and HDnL's father. 

And the 43th character is Fethry.


Michiel Prior.

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