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Anders Christian Sivebæk anders_sivebaek at
Mon Feb 2 15:14:16 CET 2004

MJ Prior
>That's true. Carl Barks gave $crooge two sisters *and* he 
>named them Matilda and Hortense. But when Lars Jensen 
>referred to Matilda as "Don's character", he was talking 
>about how she looks - and that's entirely Don's design.
Erm - well, I didn't realize that at the time. 
So i just wanted to make a thing clear that seems to be 
clear to all now. 
>That's correct. Gladstone was born to Luke the Goose and 
>Daphne Duck, who both died from overeating at a free lunch 
>picknick. Gladstone was then adopted by Matilda McDuck and 
>Goosetave Gander. Matilda's only function in Barks' tree 
>was to provide a solution to how Gladstone could be 
>related to both Grandma and $crooge.

Thanks for this info :-)
Anders Christian Sivebæk

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