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M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Mon Feb 2 21:07:43 CET 2004

Don Rosa:

> I'd say both Fleming and Connery (and some directors and
> screenwriters) created the character most of the world
> knows as this Bond James Bond.
> Perhaps the McDuck Matilda McDuck situation is similar?

Heh. So if Carl Barks were Ian Fleming, you'd be Sean 
Connery? Or, given the fact that you began creating Duck 
stories in the eighties and still do so in the 21th 
century you'd be more like Timothy Dalton or Pierce 
Brosnan - except that James Bond movies aren't done in 

Speaking of which, in the first panel of "Trash and 
Treasure", Donald swings his sailor hat towards the 
hatstand, like James Bond always did in those early 
movies. Is this a Bond reference or just a funny thing?

It occurs to me that this Donald-Quackfaster-$crooge 
office situation resembles the triangle Bond-Moneypenny-M 
-- as would any other employee-secretary-employer 
situation -- and would lend itself perfectly for Bond 
Right now I can't think of anything funny, though.


Michiel Prior.

P.S.: In "Tintin and the Picaros", Captain Haddock also 
threw his [sailor] hat towards a hatstand - and missed. 
It has been said this was a reference to James Bond.

And for the Dutch readers: in "Baantjer", De Cock does 
this trick in every episode.

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