Shamrock and Sherlock

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at
Wed Feb 4 13:32:52 CET 2004


> Sherlock Holmes is hardly obscure, at least not in English speaking lands.
> He has appeared in more movies than any other fictional character (Tarzan is
> second), and is very well known as the first novelized consulting detective.

I assume that you forgot a smiley or two in the above paragraph! While I do 
not expect anyone to remember my mentioning that I am a Holmes fan in an 
earlier posting this summer, I hardly think that there is anyone in the 
western world who is not even marginally aware of who Sherlock Holmes is. 
(Recognizing distorted versions of his name, such as "Shamrock Bones", is a 
different matter, of course.)

"I am not here, don't worry!"

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