Scrooge McDuck and the Macintosh

Eta Beta eega at
Thu Feb 5 13:19:01 CET 2004

Olivier, Mitchell,

>"I selected an image of Scrooge McDuck sitting on top of a huge pile of
>money bags, blithely playing his fiddle, with a big grin on his beak."
>Cover art, obviously-- I certainly don't remember him plauing the fiddle in
>any story.
>Can anyone identify it?

I'm puzzled and not a little stumped... I searched high and low
in my covers' collection as well as in inducks, with no results.

No Scrooge playing fiddles or violins nowhere... I have him
playing a cash register (US 5), a flute (US 19), a dollar-shaped
big lyre (US 38), a... coinophone (US 119) and a... er...
piggybankophone :-) (US 197).

He's got a big grin in most if not all of those, but never
sits on piles of money bags, so I guess this cannot be a
case of Andy Herzfeld misremembering details... but it's still
a possibility :-)

My guess, however, is that it *might* have come from some
illustrated book, rather than a comic...


Eta Beta

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