DCML Digest, Vol 12, Issue 8

Joseph Farrell jlfarr495 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 22:53:16 CET 2004

Maybe I am completely wrong about this, but I seem to
recall reading somewhere that Barks originally had
intended to have Huey, Dewey, and/or Louie meet Gyro
in this story, but ran afoul of some absurd U.S.
postal regulation that required the magazine to
feature some different characters in the second story.
Perhaps on his own initiative, or perhaps on
instructions from Western, Barks then substituted
Morty and Ferdie, characters whom he would not have
used in the normal course of things.

Mickey wrote:

>> of course, Morty and Ferdie could have met Gyro and
Grandma at some
>> earlier Mouse Family/Duck Family get-together.
> I think it's the most probable hypothesis... [...]
> the problem: who considers Barks (and Rosa) as the
most reliable
> source, can't think that the families of DD and MM
live in the same
> city, since they're supposed to be friends but they
never meet...

Mickey, you believe Morty and Ferdie must have met
Gyro and Grandma at
some get-together, although Barks never showed this in
a story. Why
can't you believe Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse live in
the same city --
even though Barks never showed this in a story?!

>> And (some of) Barks' successors continue to this
day to let these
>> characters meet each other.

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