Walt Kelly Audio Interview/John Hench Dies

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Fri Feb 6 22:17:43 CET 2004

Hi all!

The Comics Journal has two mp3 clips lasting a total of about an hour of a 
1969 interview with Walt Kelly. Haven't listened to them myself yet, but I'm 
sure they're interesting.


BTW, I heard this morning that John Hench had died of heart failure. He 
started working for Disney in 1939 and worked his way through the ranks as an 
artist. He worked on the short film Destino that wasn't completed until recently 
and is nominated for an Academy Award. 

Hench was the lead developer of the hydraulic giant squid in  '20,000 
Leagues Under The Sea' (a great looking film even today!) in 1954 which won an 
Academy Award for Best Special Effects. 

After that film, he moved to WED Enterprises designing attractions for 
Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Euro Disney. He also designed the 
Olympic Torch for the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California from which 
all future torch designs were based. John was the 'official' portrait artist 
for Mickey Mouse. He worked everyday at Disney right up until his death on 
February 5th at the age of 95. Sad to see the old guard slowly pass away. At 
least he was able to live an active life to the end.

Derek Smith
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