The greatest? + some thoughts on Gemstone

Kintoun kintoun at
Sun Feb 8 23:17:45 CET 2004

> So far, I've been buying Uncle Scrooge
> and Comics and
> Stories, because that's where Rosa and Van Horn appear, but at $11 CDN a
> pop, I'm
> feeling like many of them (the ones *without* a Rosa story, for instance)
> may not be
> worth it.  The smaller comics (Donald and Friends etc) I have not yet
> purchased, as they
> sell in Canada for $5 a pop, which is even more than Marvel's Ultimate
> series, which go for
> $3.25 per issue.

Now, the Ultimate Marvel comics have wonderful glossy
> paper, so what's
> with the price diff?  $5 is just too much for regular Disney comics... The
> same goes for
> DDA.  It's $14 CDN (how can you tell I live in Canada?).

Luckily, it's not quite that expensive. Donald Duck Adventures trade
paperbacks cost $11.95 CAN. Considering that they contain 128 pages, you pay
9 cents per 5x7 page.Donald Duck and Friends + Mickey Mouse And Friends are
priced at $4.95 CAN and they feature 32 pages so that results in 15 cents
per page. Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories have 64 pages for
$10.95 each which means they cost 17 cents per page. It's too bad that
Gemstone's Canadian prices are ridiculously inflated compared to the true
value of the Canadian dollar. At the moment, one US dollar is listed as
being 1.3297 CAN. Therefore, the Gemstone Canadian prices should be:

Donald Duck Adventures $10.57 CAN
Uncle Scrooge $9.24 CAN
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories $9.24 CAN
Donald Duck And Friends $3.92 CAN
Mickey Mouse And Friends $3.92 CAN

Gemstone should seriously considering dropping the Canadian price altogether
and letting the individual comic book retailers assign a price. Dark Horse
Comics did this just a few weeks ago. Star Wars: Empire and Star Wars:
Rewpublic were the most expensive regular sized comic books on the market at
$2.99 US/$4.99 CAN. In other words, they should cost $3.98 CAN and my local
comic book store now only charges $4.00 per issue.

Unfortunately, Donald Duck And Friends + Mickey Mouse And Friends now have
the dubious distinction of being the most expensive regular sized comic
books in Previews. Gemstone's profits could really soar if they cut about 75
cents off their cover prices. I only started collecting these titles last
week. It's an undeniable fact that they're anything but cheap for Canadians.

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