Disney Feature Animation Florida Studio Closing

Rob Klein bi442 at lafn.org
Sat Feb 14 04:48:49 CET 2004

Disney Feature Animation did NOT make plans to shut down.  They DID make plans 
to shut down their Florida studio, which, along with the "original" sudio in 
Burbank and (now Glendale), California, produced the traditional hand-drawn 
animation. I believe that thier California studio was quite a bit larger than 
their Florida studio.  In addition, I suspect that many of the more 
accomplished artists from the Florida studio will be given jobs in the 
California studio.  I would guess that Disney Feature Animation will have less 
staff and capability to produce animated features, but I would guess that they 
will be losing, at most, one-third or less of their production capability for 
making animated feature films. Don't forget that Disney TV Animation also has a 
large staff that work on sequals to animated features.  I wouldn't expect to 
see much difference in the quality of their films, -only a few less films per 
five year period. 


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