can any of our Italian friends translate this Barks money stair up a mountain story ending ?

Paolo Castagno paolo at
Wed Feb 18 09:57:03 CET 2004

Ola Martinsson wrote: 


> Can anyone of our Italian friends on this list be kind enough and 
> translate what they're saying ?

Sure... more or less, I know it isn't perfect English, but I hope it is 
clear enough: 

panel 1: "So I built a money stair from bottom to the top" 

panel 2: "Have you seen I was right? With my money I
         can do everything I like"
        "Gasp" ...well, no need to translate this, I suppose ;-) 

panel 3: "And I can also do something more! I still have
         an half dollar coin in my pocket..."
        "And so...?"
panel 4: "Take it, I give it to you, so you'll be able
         to buy something strong to drink in order to
         improve your juvenile energies weakened by my victory" 

> This communication is confidential and intended solely for the 
> addressee(s). 

This one, instead, is for everyone who wants to read it! ;-) 


 - Paolo

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