Paperinik or Pikappa?

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> Olaf Solstrand wrote:
> > Cristina wrote:
> >
> >> He shortened his name in "Pikappa" for pratical use;
> >
> > Has it ever been said what it's short for?
> Paperinik was shortened to PK, which was unshortened to Pikappa.
> Stefan

Well, almost :)
PK is the spelling of the name, short form of PaperiniK. Pikappa is its
actual italian pronunciation (it'd be Pikey in english). It's also used in
the comics whenever one or more characters "talk" with or about him
("Pikappa, watch out!") - along with his full superhero name, Paperinik. Pk,
on the other hand, is used both as the title of the series and whenever
someone refers to him by "writing" rather than "talking" (i.e his P.B.I card
actually reads "Pk").

Cristina "Christmas"

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