Exclamation Points In Comic Stories

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From: "Olivier" <mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr>
> Derek:
> >>>>One thing that's always puzzled me about Disney comics. Why is it that 
> >>>> after every sentence that isn't a question, there is
> >>>>an exclamation point? Other comic books seem to use regular periods 
> >>>>when appropriate , etc. It always seems like Donald
> >>>>and the gang are shouting at each other or something: "Hi Uncle Scrooge!
> >>>>I'm fine! I think I'll go buy an ice cream cone!
> >>>>They're so good!" It just seems slightly weird is all. :)
> The reason is quite simple and practical !
> Unfortunately, I can't find the album with the quotation-- but I do 
> remember most of it !
> Carl Barks once explained that a point might be mistaken for "something 
> a fly had put there", so an exclamation point was the easier way to 
> avoid mistakes !

Correct!  Given the quality of printing used on comic 
books back when Barks was working, a period could quite
easily get lost!  Exclamation points were used instead!

Nowdays, with better printing, most comic writers feel 
free to use periods!  I don't know why Gemstone still 
uses all-exclamation-points in their comics!

We could ask Don and the other American writers on the 
Do you write your English scripts with 
all-exclamation-points? Or are your periods changed 
to exclamation points by the letterer (by editorial

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