Midget Car Racin'

Matthew Williams kingofduckburg at apptechnc.net
Thu Feb 19 02:56:14 CET 2004

I honestly don't know a lot about the subject, but when I was a child (in
the early eighties) I attended several midget car races.  My family had a
friend who was a racer.  Before I had read the Barks story, I had always
assumed that this was a Southern USA thing (I'm from North Carolina).  So
many people here obsess over NASCAR racing and cars in general but, of
course, lack the finances to pursue the dream.  Midget Car Racing always
struck me as a way that middle class folks (folks in Donald's tax bracket)
could purse their auto racing dreams.  I suppose cynics could laugh this
setting-the-bar-low sort of dream, and I always took that as part of the
humor in the Barks story; Donald wants this dream so badly, but it's hardly
glamorous, and only small children would place a midget car driver on a

May you all one day be able to participate in such exciting cultural events!


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