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Fri Feb 27 19:31:23 CET 2004

Sorry if this has already been answered - its taken me quite a while to get 
to my emails due to work and personal stuff (I have a backlog of over 
150...**sigh** ;__;).

>Well, in Dutch his name *is* Superdonald. Besides, in Duckburg and 
>surroundings, no one would recognise secret identities, even if the people 
>have quite unique marks like a sailor hat or a name like "Supergoof".

Out of curiosity - have any of the Italian Paperinik stories seen print in 
America? I seem to recall ONE being printed in Disney Adventures way back 
when, but I honestly dont remember if it was any good...

...or for that matter if it was even Italian, but I digress... :P

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