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Hi all!

Here are the previews for May 2004's US Disney comics from Previews Volume 
13, number 3.

Donald Duck Adventures #6---- Three long Disney adventure stories: Donald 
Duck and Cousin Fethry in "The Ghosts Rats of Hamelin," the third "TNT" story, 
which follows our heroes as they track down supernatural miscreants. Also in 
this issue: Mickey in "The Blot's Birthday Plot," and Uncle Scrooge in "The 
Secret Brotherhood." SC, 5x7, 128 pages, FC, $7.95.

Donald Duck and Friends #316---- In "World's Apart," Donald travels out of 
this world to encounter alluring space ducks, along with dinosaurs, and other 
perils. A cover by Michel Nadorp illustrates the story. Also featured are "The 
Headless Warrior," a Mickey Mouse mystery-adventure, and "Survival In The 
Wild," starring Daisy and the Junior Woodchucks. FC, 32 pages. $2.95.

Mickey Mouse and Friends #265---- Mickey and Goofy discover super heroes are 
real and sometimes need the help of ordinary mortals in "Mickey Mouse Meets 
Capt. Thunder." Then Donald Duck once again squares off with his three truant 
nephews in "A Day to Play Hooky," and Goofy discovers problems in his own 
"Awkward Age." FC, 32 pages. $2.95.

Uncle Scrooge #330---- William Van Horn's "Flying High" takes Scrooge and his 
nephew to the skies in this barnstorming rollick. Also in this issue is a 
reprint of Carl Barks' immortal Donald/Scrooge story, "The Titanic Ants," as well 
as with stories featuring Gyro Gearloose and Grandma Duck, alon with two more 
Scrooge tales. SC, 7x10, 64 pages, FC, $6.95.

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #645---- William Van Horn's latest 
ten-pager, "The Perils of Pie," outlines the pitfalls of Donald's latest attempt at 
employment, as a pie delivery boy. A cover by Van Horn illustrates the tale. Also 
in this issue is Carl Barks' classic "The Water Ski Race," as well as stories 
featuring Mickey and others. SC, 7x10, 64 pages, FC, $6.95.

A pretty good lineup it seems.

Derek Smith
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