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Mon Jan 12 15:24:52 CET 2004

> Hi! I'm collecting the National Geographic Magazine
> issues on which there
> are articles about comic art and artists.

Gianfranco, I can help you out a bit since my wife's
one of their archivists.  BTW, Louis Glanzman did a
lot of illustrations for them, ala:

Aikman, Lonnelle. 1975. Patriots in Petticoats
[illustrated by Louis Glanzman]. National Geographic
Magazine (October)

> I alreday have the French edition about Carl Barks
> (june 2002) and about
> Hergé/Tintin (august 2001), and the Italian edition
> about Carl Barks and
> myself (july 2002)[I didn't know about this
one!-MR]. But I don't find anywhere the
> USA edition talking about
> Carl Barks and don't know if there are other issues
> of the kind. Even just
> the scans would be enough for me: can someone help
> me? Thanks anyway!

Here's the answer to your main question:

Unknown.  2002.
No Mickey Mouse artist: Donald's illustrator looked to
the Geographic [Carl Barks].
National Geographic (June)

Here's others relevant to this group:

De Roos, Robert and Thomas Nebbia (photographer).
1963. The magic worlds of Walt Disney. National
Geographic (August): 159-207

Grosvenor, Melville Bell. 1963. Walt Disney: Genius of
laughter and learning [editorial]. National Geographic
(August): 157

Some others:

Unknown. 2000. Out of this world [cartoonist turned
explorer Anthony Fiala]. National Geographic (January)

Su, Jennifer.  2002.
'Peanuts' gallery pays tribute to the art of Charles
M. Schulz.
National Geographic Traveler (September): EA3

and there was an Asterix bit in the 1960s that I don't
have a citation for at the moment.

One from their children's magazine:

Donovan, Amy. 2000. Spotlight on... Charlie Brown
['Peanuts' in children's magazine]. National
Geographic World (September): 27

Kiffel, Jamie.  2003.
Anime-nia! Why Japanese anime is so hot in America.
National Geographic Kids (January/February): 23-25

Anyone wanting a list of everything I've found so far
can go to the Comics Research Bibliography at but everything
else is mostly a list of Louis Glanzman illustrated

Mike Rhode

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