DCML Digest, Vol 11, Issue 14

Mads Jensen madsj at raptus.dk
Tue Jan 13 15:24:22 CET 2004


>         Does anybody know if Gemstone plans any new releases for 2004 whether 
> they be new series, one-shots, or special collector's books? I hope that one 
> day Gemstone will release a Don Rosa Lof$ book including additional chapters 
> and commentary. In the meantime, I'm still waiting for the "new" long adventure 
> stories in the U.S. including "Crown of the Crusader Kings" and the "Quest 
> for Kalevala." Any chance they will appear in "Uncle Scrooge" this year?

I remember that Gary Leach wrote on this list, that they've prepared the 
contents for the next half year or so, but that was a couple of months 
ago, I think. I've seen the cover for both US 328 (Forget It!) and US 
329, and US 329 is not a Rosa cover, so I strongly presume this issue 
won't have any long Rosa stories in it, unless they don't know of the 
cover for the story! (Crown of the Crusader Kings)

Another thing, if I am not mistaking Gary said that they might consider 
reprinting the Lo$ (albums), I sure hope they would print them with 
extra chapters and the commentaries Don wrote for them. Those comments 
always add a little dimension to the story! :-)

Hopefully the previews for the next couple of issues will be availble on 
the web!

Btw, Gemstone (Gary), is there any chance you would consider using the 
one-parter versions instead of using the three-part versions, when it 
comes to Don Rosa's stories ?

 > I'm a fairly new subscriber to the list. I'm a Norwegian living in 
the > US and a Gemstone subscriber. I just received Uncle $crooge No 325
 > (January), and noticed a massive blunder in the editorial on page 1.
 > It's a comment on the cover for the Don Rosa story that opens the
 > issue... <cut>

I'm a Dane, and I noticed it too :-) I just had a little laugh about it, 
but sure would have to have seen the cover used instead!

Best wishes,

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