Contradiction in terms in Lo$?

Torsten Bruhn t.bruhn at
Mon Jan 12 20:46:49 CET 2004

firstly I want to say hallo to all the list members as this is my first 
mail to the DCML.

But back to the subject. Today a friend of mine drew my attention to to 
facts said about Sir Eider McDuck in chapter I and V of "The Life an Times 
of $crooge McDuck" which seem to be contradictory. In chapter I's page ten 
says Sir Quackly McDuck about Sir Eider McDuck that he lost the battle in 
946 because his soldiers left him as he had paid them only 30 copper coins 
(at least in the German translation by Peter Daibenzeiher). But in chapter 
V, page 10, Quackly and Sir Eider McDuck himself say that he lost the 
battle because he was lacking in arrows (again I can only speak of the 
German translation). Now I ask you and especially Mr. Rosa: Is this an 
error in translation, an mistake by Don Rosa or can it be that both facts 
are correct simultaneously?

Best regards,
Maximilian Baumgart.
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