Duck merchandise + opinions on Daisy

deanmary deanmary at
Sun Jan 18 21:11:42 CET 2004

I was at a Disney Store yesterday and actually found a Scrooge item!
I don't think I have seen one in 5 or 6 years in a Disney Store!  It
is an over 12 inch tall plush Scrooge figure.  There were only 2
there, so I have no idea if most Disney stores carry him or this was
just an oddity.  While his clothes are blue like in "DuckTales", other
wise he is pretty good looking and looks more like the comic book
Scrooge than most Disney items do.

I also saw this item which is also available through the Disney
catalog or online:

Then in the Disney Catalog I found this neat item:

This is a pretty neat snowglobe of Donald and the nephews.  I ordered
one last night! :)

Finally, while looking online for the websites for the past 2 items, I
came across this:

This Donald Snowglobe was out a few years ago but disappeared really
quickly.  I see it for sale on Ebay now and then and it often goes for
over $200 dollars!  So this is a good deal if you are interested in

I apologize if giving info on these Disney Duck items is off topic but
I know that a number of people on the list collect Donald, Scrooge,
etc. items.

Now onto something more on topic.  When I got the Donald and Daisy
plush set it made me think of how I have read remarks on the list by
people that do not care for Daisy.  Is that the opinion of most people
on the list?  I would love to hear from people who like *or* dislike
Daisy and why.  I myself think she is the perfect foil for Donald and
makes a great girlfriend for him.  Just as Donald has so much for
character then Mickey, I think Daisy has more character than Minnie.
She certainly has no problems speaking her mind and can be mean to
Donald at times.  Of course Donald himself is known to have some
problems with "anger management" now and then! :)  Plus, Daisy keeps
dating a guy who seems to have a new job almost every week!  I don't
think most women find that an appealing quality in a man! :)  I'm
curious what others have to think on this subject.

Dean Rekich

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