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Dean Rekich posted:

Now onto something more on topic.  When I got the Donald and Daisy
plush set it made me think of how I have read remarks on the list by
people that do not care for Daisy.  Is that the opinion of most people
on the list?  I would love to hear from people who like *or* dislike
Daisy and why.  I myself think she is the perfect foil for Donald and
makes a great girlfriend for him.  Just as Donald has so much for
character then Mickey, I think Daisy has more character than Minnie.
She certainly has no problems speaking her mind and can be mean to
Donald at times.  Of course Donald himself is known to have some
problems with "anger management" now and then! :)  Plus, Daisy keeps
dating a guy who seems to have a new job almost every week!  I don't
think most women find that an appealing quality in a man! :)  I'm
curious what others have to think on this subject.

Daisy having more character than Minnie. Let's not set the bar too high for 
Daisy eh? ;) 

I'll be blunt in saying that I think Daisy is more or less is a 
self-centered, selfish bitch most of the time. I mean, in how many stories does it seem 
that her love for Donald is only dependant on what he can buy her or something 
else to do with status. That attitude may or may not be somewhat true to life in 
a sense, but it doesn't make her any less of a bitch for it. She just mostly 
seems to care only for herself or what her 'status' women friends think of 

Like in the Carl Barks story where Donald is a fireman and is called out to 
fight fires when he and Daisy are dancing together. What does Daisy do? She 
goes with Gladstone who does nothing with his life at the earliest opportunity. 
She never gives Donald any respect and thinks that if his work isn't somehow 
glamorous, etc., then what he's doing is beneath him/her. And that's just one 
instance of many I could name against Daisy. 

Sure Donald has his times of being terrible, but more often than not he has 
good intentions and tries to do the right things, things which Daisy usually 
doesn't care about unless it means some piece of jewelry, etc. is in it for her. 

I just think she's an overall useless character that I don't like in the 
comics and wouldn't like if she was a real person. Maybe this is just a product of 
how the character has been used over the decades, but I don't have any use 
for her whatsoever.

I hope I wasn't too subtle in getting my thoughts on the character across. ;)

Derek Smith
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