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Mon Jan 19 00:06:04 CET 2004

Mads posted:


>         Does anybody know if Gemstone plans any new releases for 2004 
> they be new series, one-shots, or special collector's books? I hope that 
> day Gemstone will release a Don Rosa Lof$ book including additional 
> and commentary. In the meantime, I'm still waiting for the "new" long 
> stories in the U.S. including "Crown of the Crusader Kings" and the "Quest 
> for Kalevala." Any chance they will appear in "Uncle Scrooge" this year?

I remember that Gary Leach wrote on this list, that they've prepared the 
contents for the next half year or so, but that was a couple of months 
ago, I think. I've seen the cover for both US 328 (Forget It!) and US 
329, and US 329 is not a Rosa cover, so I strongly presume this issue 
won't have any long Rosa stories in it, unless they don't know of the 
cover for the story! (Crown of the Crusader Kings)

Another thing, if I am not mistaking Gary said that they might consider 
reprinting the Lo$ (albums), I sure hope they would print them with 
extra chapters and the commentaries Don wrote for them. Those comments 
always add a little dimension to the story! :-)

Hopefully the previews for the next couple of issues will be availble on 
the web!

Btw, Gemstone (Gary), is there any chance you would consider using the 
one-parter versions instead of using the three-part versions, when it 
comes to Don Rosa's stories ?

 > I'm a fairly new subscriber to the list. I'm a Norwegian living in 
the > US and a Gemstone subscriber. I just received Uncle $crooge No 325
 > (January), and noticed a massive blunder in the editorial on page 1.
 > It's a comment on the cover for the Don Rosa story that opens the
 > issue... <cut>

I'm a Dane, and I noticed it too :-) I just had a little laugh about it, 
but sure would have to have seen the cover used instead!

Best wishes,

Also, Gary emailed to me here at the DCML that they were working on a Mickey 
Mouse Adventures digest-sized comic along the lines of DDA for the summer. And 
if the one shot MMA is successful(buy as many copies as you can people!!! :) 
) then it would become a bimonthly series like DDA, alternating months with 
DDA(i.e. DDA in July, MMA in August, repeat, etc.)

Derek Smith
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