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Thanks for the information Soren; the french version of this story was published in 1966 in Mickey Parade 735 bis with a new edition in 1976; this is a little bit a shame that the original beginning has been replaced by something different because this kind of original image is like a mysterious sign of what is going to happen and increases the suspense; in an another story published in Mickey Parade 1016 bis, at the beginning of the ludicrous story about a fake flying saucer called 'Oncle Picsou et la Soucoupologie - uncle Scrooge and the science of flying saucer' there is as well a full page picture which anticipates the rest of the story; to come back to Paperino anno 2001, this is an important and bizarre story because it introduces an historical aspect, a time dimension in the lives of Donald and Scrooge which seems to lack in the previous stories and particularly in Barks too; Barks often talks about the past of Scrooge, the nostalghia seems to be a part of his inspiration for the character, but at one point in the time, the ducks are what they are for ever; but in Paperino anno 2001, for the first and last time the story shows us the future of the ducks and the death of Scrooge like in a sort of nightmare; one of the kids says at the end of the story, after they escaped both the Donald and the beagles boys of the future : 'they disappeared, like some ghosts of the future', and really, this is exactly what they are since the ducks are stuck for ever in an endless present.
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