Scrooge Obeying the Law

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Wed Jan 21 10:56:02 CET 2004

When we ask the question if Scrooge usually obeys the law, it should be interesting to know what Scrooge we are talking about; in the old italian stories, the honesty is not always a strong part of his personality (cf a story like 'le billard aux milliards in Mickey Parade 1016 bis -year 1972 -) ; the Scrooge of Barks is kinder than the italian Scrooge -and sometimes less nervous too  - on the contrary, the beagles boys are more dangerous people in Barks, in the old italian stories their purposes are evil but in a kinder way, in Barks they often are unpleasant. P.S: i don't know as much the stories of Barks as i know the old italian stories but, yes, this scene in the micro ducks from outer space is a highlight.
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