The I-Team & The Riverside Rovers (again)

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Sun Jan 25 22:47:54 CET 2004

På Sun, 25 Jan 2004 13:09:26 -0800, skrev Rich Bellacera 
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> Thanks to Olaf the Blue for sharing his knowledge of the I-Team last time 
> the subject was brought up, but now that we've had a few stories with 
> them here in the USA it can be added that the translators seem to have 
> favored calling P.C. (the cat-faced girl) "Sonya" and Benny (the owl- 
> faced boy) "Beaky" instead of a direct carryover of the already English 
> naming.  I wonder why those names were changed and Mack (the dog-faced 
> boy) and CLINT the computer remaind unchanged?

I noticed the "Sonya" name myself, and reacted to it because I thought P.C. 
was such a wonderful name... Oh well...

> However, I still don't know what the "I" in "I-Team" stands for.  Anyone 
> know?

I can make a guess. In Norway, they have the name "IT-gjengen" - "the IT 
posse" or something - where IT is a widely known acronym of information 
technology. Maybe the I in "I-Team" also stands for information or 
information technology. To say for sure, I guess one needs access to the 
English version of their first story... Anyone in Egmont who knows?

> I'm guessing that "Riverside" is the name of a neighboring town to 
> Mouseton, also?

I always thought of that name as "the rovers at the riverside in 
Mouseton(/Duckburg)". As far as I remember, their soccer field is by the 
river, isn't it? Also, in Norwegian translations it's translated 
accurately, into "Elvebreddskameratene" (riverside mates).

Olaf "the Blue" Solstrand

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